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“Zane took my case when no one else would….and won ! - Lorenzo A.”

Justice for Auto Accident, Personal Injury, and Medical Malpractice Victims

Blame it on our fast-paced lifestyles or an increasing penchant to cut corners when it comes to providing services, it seems that we are paying heavily for these tendencies. That is, if the number of vehicle accidents and personal injuries resulting from carelessness, and medical malpractice cases are any indication. And these trends are as evident in Chicagoland as they are in Cook County, Schaumburg, Cicero, or for that matter in any other region around Chicago.

We, at Zane D. Smith & Associates, LTD, with more than one auto accident attorney, medical malpractice attorney, and personal injury lawyer on our board, take up cases for our aggrieved clients and aggressively fight to secure their rights and get them their dues. And we are pretty successful in what we do!

Medical Knowledge that Gives Us an Edge!

The reasons for the high rate of success produced by our auto accident lawyer, personal injury attorney and medical malpractice lawyer professionals include not only their legal expertise but also a keen medical insight that helps them gauge the extent of injuries and determine the compensation amount to be claimed. For instance, our car accident attorney and other lawyers who specialize in medical malpractice and nursing home abuse cases have the requisite medical expertise to be able to gather and analyze complex evidence and present a strong case for their clients.

Aggressive Negotiation Tactics that Bring Home the Dues Trust our car accident lawyer or our attorneys who specialize in personal injury and medical malpractice cases to deal with obstinate insurance companies firmly and get you the compensation you deserve. We have been in this business for many years now and have perfected the art of negotiating without appearing to be domineering!

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