$1.4 Million Awarded

Our Business clients owned a series of car franchises that were not legally able to operate because of the failure of their lawyer to set up the companies in compliance with Illinois law. After a jury verdict in Kankakee County, an award of one million four hundred thousand dollars was entered because of that legal malpractice.


$2 Million Awarded

Larry, 66 years old and retired was cutting the grass on a farm in a riding lawnmower when he stopped to fill up his mower with gas from the onsite gas tank. What he didn’t know was that the hose had a small crack in it that caused a fine mist of vaporized gas to cover him as he was filling the tank. A brand new replacement hose was in the back of the farmer’s truck but had not been installed. When that mist hit the hot engine of the mower the following explosion caused burns on 30% of Larry’s body. We were able to obtain a settlement in the amount of two million dollars. As a result of that money Larry was able to obtain the medical treatment and things he needed to live out the rest of his life as normal as possible.


$3 Million Awarded

Anna, pregnant is scheduled to deliver her third child. Because of her previous cesarean deliveries she is a high risk patient. During the delivery both her and her child die because of the negligence of the attending doctors. We were able to achieve a three million dollar settlement for her three surviving children.


$956,000 Awarded

Developer of a high rise building contracted with our broker clients to provide sales and marketing services. When the developer sold the project without paying our client we filed suit in Cook County. After a trial judgment entered in favor of our clients for $956,000.00.